§ May 24th, 2022
As I age I become nostalgic for 80s media. I ran across this short film on the youtubes. Betaville, clearly a pleasant take-off on Godard's Alphaville. Which reminds me; I need to rewatch Alphaville sometime. #cinema
Eagle-eyed viewers of Betaville (referenced above) will note the neon tunnel from 127 John St. -- itself a popular location for photography and film projects. Fortunately someone thought to write a few paragraphs about this location: Flaming Pablum: Walk Into the Light. #architecture
All my life I thought this scene from Logan's Run was shot at 127 John St., but on closer inspection, I think it could be a reconstruction. What's cheaper? Fly a second unit to NYC for a single shot or re-create it in D/FW or Culver City? #scifi
Mathieu Dejean interviews Alain Badiou regarding Emmanuel Macron and the degree to which modern politicians are human or fetishes for the ideal of freedom and agency. Worth a read and includes this marvelous quote:
Macron is the name of a crisis of any politics that purports to "represent" political orientations in an electoral space. That clearly owes to the fact that the earthly disappearance of the communist hypothesis and its parties has little by little made the truth about parliamentarism apparent: namely, that ultimately it only "represents" small nuances in the dominant consensus around neoliberal capitalism — and not any alternative strategy. The far Right, in the brutal style of Donald Trump or the renovated Pétainism of Marine Le Pen, profits from this situation, since although it stands totally within that consensus it is alone in giving off the appearance of being on the outside.
Badiou: Macron is the Name of a Crisis #politics
§ May 19th, 2022
News is reporting "Vangelis" Papathanassiou died today at 79. As a kid I had a job in a planetarium, we had every one of his albums on half inch tape. I can't begin to pick my favourite, but here's one from the excellent, but often overlooked album Albedo 0.39. #music
§ May 15th, 2022
"Save your Confderate Bitcoins, boys! Web 3.0 will rise again!" Crypto Investor Who Lost Big Money Spooks Luna Founder's Wife at Home: Report
§ May 12th, 2022
In honor of forgetting about World Contact Day this year, I spent some time browsing reports about UFOs the CIA published a while ago. Fact or falsity? Decide for yourself. #cia #ufo
Did anyone else notice UFOs stopped appearing after Karen Carpenter passed away? Why were the aliens visiting? They were Carpenters fans. #music #ufo
It occurs to me the reason I don't really believe in UFOs is the number of times I hear people on TV say things like "THE EVIDENCE IS OUT THERE. DECIDE FOR YOURSELF." If it was important to believe in UFOs, society wouldn't give me the option of evaluating the evidence for myself. You never hear the government say things like "THE EVIDENCE PAYING TAXES IS IMPORTANT TO SOCIETY IS OUT THERE. DECIDE FOR YOURSELF." No... they say "Pay your taxes or we'll throw you in jail." That's how I know paying taxes is important to the government, but UFOs aren't. #ufo
§ May 11th, 2022
Hiroshima, Mon Amour is an oblique reference to the historical bombing. "It is as horrible to forget as it is to remember." --Lucy Fischer #cinema #memory
Memory is constructive. Memory is fragile. Do you remember when, as a child, you were Lost in the Mall? #memory
"Lost in the Mall" is the name of my next band. #memory
"Hiroshima, Mon Amour" is also the name of a song by Ultravox! I quite like. #music
I find I keep referring back to Tamás Sallai's How to use async functions with Array.forEach in Javascript. Awaiting async functions inside a for / forEach loop may have unexpected results. This page describes how to invoke a function per element in an array simultaneously or sequentially. #javascript #programming
My Android phone just auto-corrected "Autopay" to "Autopsy" -- Damn, Android, that's dark.
§ May 10th, 2022
Thinking of changing my outgoing voice-mail message to: "You are feeling very relaxed... Very sleepy. When I count down from 10 to 1 you will leave a message at the tone. When I snap my fingers you will awake refreshed and relaxed..." #humor
Happy little clouds... (really just a test to verify I still grok CSS.) #css
A few words about comedian Norm MacDonald. #humor
§ May 9th, 2022
665.996 : The Approximation of the Beast #humor
Thinking of being a kid in the 80s and living through the late cold war. Then I remembered this song: Joe Jackson : Forty Years [YouTube]. "Here in Berlin - people line up to get in. To wait for the end - living in glorious sin... Once allies laughted and drank, but it was fourty years ago." #memory #music
Just noticed Joe Jackson will be playing the Majestic in Dallas during the time I'm in Ft. Worth for the Van Cliburn competition. Guess it's classical piano in the morning, jazz rock pop piano in the evening. Last time I saw Joe Jackson live was... late 80s at the Majestic in Dallas. Not quite 40 years. #memory