Design Section

This is the section of my site where I keep things I've written about "Design" -- mostly that means graphic design on the web or in print, but I stray into information architecture a bit as well. If you're looking for pages about designing software, you'll find that over in the Technical Section.

Why Is My Web Site So Plain?

This site is pretty plain. There are no fancy fonts, very few images and mostly text. This isn't because I'm lazy, it's because most pages on the web are over-designed and distracting. And I wrote some words about it.

Chorded Keyboard Mock-up

In my copious spare time, I'm designing a chorded keyboard. The Chorded Keyboard Mock-up is a web-based JavaScript demo of the experience of using it.

Bathroom Sink Timer

I had to build my own "Bathroom Sink Timer" so I could make sure I was washing my hands and brushing my teeth for the correct amount of time. I made this mockup so I could explain what I was trying to build. The beep function only works if you're in a more recent browser. You're totally on your own if you try to use this in a mobile browser.

6-Bit Color Palette

I recently found myself designing the UI for a very simple process control system based on a very simple 6-bit embedded processor. The palette was designed only to render a simple UI, but I wondered what dithered images would look like with this näive, small color map. Review the results on the "6-Bit Color Palette Page" and decide for yourself.