It turns out I have a few stories that aren't really fiction and don't count as technical.

When I was a kid, a series of bad decisions led me to be join the US Marine Corps. The Marines are widely misunderstood. We're not blood-thirsty killers all the time. We're not wooden soldiers ready to die at a moment's notice. Mostly we're like a fraternity that has the legal right to kill people. Like many of my peers, my service in the Marine Corps was "average" -- I wasn't going to win any medals for being gung-ho, but my comrades also wouldn't single me out as being a self-serving dick. I wrote a few vignettes about the hilarious danger of the corps and put them here.

I suspect I will never be known for my witty aphorisms like Nietzsche and Pascal. But hope springs eternal:

Also, a few words about why I left LinkedIn.