Explaining Modern Computing to Someone from 1982

me: "and then you just download the javascript app into your browser"

them: "download? from a BBS?"

me: "from a web page. it's like a BBS, only with more graphics and not all of them have forums."

them: "EVERY time you want to run a program, you download it from the web page BBS?"

me: "yep."

them: "that doesn't sound very nice. did you not have enough money to buy a floppy drive?"

me: "lol. no. we all use FLASH memory now."

them: "then why don't you load programs from flash memory, if it's like a floppy disk?"

me: "we download it every time to get the most recent version of the code"

them: "holy crap! how many times do you upgrade your programs?"

me: "they're constantly being upgraded. facebook supposedly pushes out a few new minor revs each day"

them: "why don't they just wait 'til their programs are done before releasing them?"

me: "oh. browser vendors make changes on a near weekly basis, so you have to tweak your program to make it work with new browser features."

them: "have you considered firebombing the offices of these browser vendors?"

me: "more often than I would like to admit."

them: "that was a joke, right?"

me: "oh. sure. just joking. they have worse punishments than firebombing. they have to go to google I/O every year."